Welcome to Maharaja

Our Little Story

In our years of living in Omaha, we have realized that there is a great demand for authentic food that embodies the culinary greatness of India. India, for those not familiar, is a nation with diverse people, land, climate and religion that resulted in culinary diversity that is second to none. From the mouth watering pilaf of Kashmir, rotis and daal makhani of Punjab, sweet and salty dishes of Gujarat, Poha of Maharashtra, idli and dosa varieties of Karnataka, sea food of Goa, spicy food of Andras, rich and tasty desserts from Bengal, tandoori from north and sambar and chettinad dishes from Tamil Nadu. Our mission in Maharaja is to bring a small sample of this authentic and diverse cuisine that we have experienced in our youth and spread it and enjoy with the people of Nebraska.


Lunch: 11 AM - 2 PM

Dinner: 5 PM - 9 PM


(402) 505-4488